Throughout our history CAMBA has been a reliable, consistent and positive resource for Brooklyn individuals, families and their children. We take the approach that all youth, whether rich or poor, need help in growing up and transitioning successfully into adulthood. Youth development programs are categorized as follows:

Student Support

Career Development

Beacon Community Centers


Disconnected Youth

Student Leadership

Pregnancy Prevention


Violence Prevention &

CAMBA programs provide thousands of low income youth from pre-school through high school with academic assistance, counseling, tutoring, art, drama, music, sports, SAT and Regents help, opportunities to serve their community, internships and employment. CAMBA encourages older youth who are disconnected from either school or work to further their education and employment opportunities and serve their community. We look to measure results not just from a single test but from skills learned.

CAMBA has great strength in working with school principals and staff and its recent work has evolved to deeper partnerships where the agency is involved in wider aspects of school operation.

CAMBA recognizes that education is also a critical aspect for adults seeking to achieve self-sufficiency and success for themselves and their families. To address this need, CAMBA serves individuals at all learning stages, from those who don't speak English and are not literate in their native language to those who are seeking a GED as a step towards pursuing a college education.

Where you can ………

Provide approximately 2,000 adults with literacy skills training

Aid 65% of the students with such goals in employment, 90% to retain their
     employment, and enter 80% in a training program

Provide over 2,000 youth with safe, engaging activities in the evenings and
     on weekends via our Beacon Centers

Place more than 450 local teens from our Summer Youth Employment
     Program in summer jobs

Provide care for over 1,800 children while engaging them in creative
     learning activities while their parents worked




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CAMBA is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to
individuals with disabilities. All voice telephone numbers on this document may be reached by persons using
TTD/TTY equipment via the New York State relay number 1-800-662-1220.

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