Meet Our Board & Leadership

Executive Staff

Joanne M. Oplustil

CAMBA, Inc. and CAMBA Housing Ventures

Valerie Barton-Richardson
Chief Administrative Officer

Economic Development, Education and Youth Development, Family & Homeless Services

Sharon R. Browne
Chief Administrative Officer

Housing & Health Services

Thomas J. Dambakly
Chief Administrative Officer

Facilities & Systems

Kathy Dros
Chief Human Resources Officer

Beth Miller
Chief Legal Officer

Director of CAMBA Legal Services

Rang T. Ngo
Chief Payroll Officer

David A. Rowe
Chief Administrative Officer

CAMBA,Inc./ CAMBA Housing Ventures

Executive Vice Presidents

Michael Erhard

HIV/AIDS Housing & Health Related Services

Claire Harding-Keefe

Homeless & Family Services

Janet Miller

Eviction Prevention, CLS, Food & Nutrition Program & Economic Development

Senior Vice Presidents

Yael Bat-Chava, Ph.D.

Program Evaluation & Strategy

LaShonne Greene

Supportive Housing

Joan McFeely

Human Resources, Compliance

Kathy de Meij

Development & Communications

Margaret Taddy

CAMBA, Inc./CAMBA Housing Ventures

Angeles Delgado

HIV/AIDS Housing & Health Related Services

Michael Berne

CAMBA, Inc./CAMBA Housing Ventures

Kerry Flanagan

Family Shelter Services

Sara Fulton

Deputy General Counsel

Alison Haberly

Education and Youth Development

Akira Powell

Single Adult Shelter Services

Board Members

Julia Beardwood

Matthew W. Botwin

Henry Briance

Neil Falcone


Terence Kelleher, Esq.

Paul Galligan, Esq.

Jenny A. Hourihan

Jon Margolis

Katherine O’Neill


Rev. Daniel Ramm

Richard Roberts

Michael Ross

David H. Schultz, Esq.

Christopher Zarra

CFP®, ChFC®, CFS Vice Chairman