How We Work

The challenges many New Yorkers face are complex and multi-layered. It’s not enough to provide programs that focus on one issue. Through our work with our clients, we have learned that people often need help in several areas at the same time: they struggle to pay rent or find safe, affordable housing, which affects their ability to get health care, keep a job, or raise their children.

We believe anyone can make it if they want to make it. They just need the right kind of support.

That’s why CAMBA’s programs and initiatives complement each other and touch essential areas of people’s lives:

Our Six Interconnected Program Areas

CAMBA provides over 180 programs, laying the groundwork for economic stability, educational fulfillment, strong families, and a healthy life.

Housing Stability

Education & Youth Development

Family & Community Support


Economic Development
Offering Hope, Overcoming Hurdles

CAMBA clients are often participating in two or three programs at the same time. Our comprehensive approach provides them with better opportunities for success:

  • CAMBA helps individuals and families facing eviction remain in their homes, which ensures children remain in the schools they already attend. With secure and stable housing, parents can enroll their children in CAMBA’s after-school reading programs, or Collegiate Express, where students break the drop-out cycle, successfully graduate from high school, and often become the first in their families to attend college.
  • CAMBA offers low-income men and women the technical training needed to launch small businesses. For some of the same entrepreneurs, CAMBA provides legal assistance on consumer issues, or addresses pressing health issues like HIV/AIDs, which lets them focus on building their futures
  • Young people learn essential parenting skills in family support programs. Those with chronic physical and mental health challenges also receive CAMBA’s counseling and health services, ensuring that families can remain together and avoid foster care placements
  • Refugees and immigrants take CAMBA’s English and adult literacy classes, knowing their children are safe and supported in CAMBA’s afterschool programs, youth employment offerings, or anti-gang education meetings.

“Moving forward, I know that if I have any questions, I can go to CAMBA and they’ll give me answers. Now I have more confidence in myself and I’m more confident in getting help.” – Denise A.

CAMBA Innovates

We introduce new, results-oriented programs and services that are effective, efficient, and transformative for people and communities:

  • CAMBA’s You Can Van is a data-driven mobile initiative delivering on-the spot services to keep individuals and families out of shelters. A companion service offers personalized career planning and coaching, job preparation, and financial security training for adults at risk of homelessness.
  • Our Collegiate Express program uses a dual-generation approach to ensuring low-income students get to and through college. We know that young people cannot navigate the path to college alone – so we empower and educate parents through a parent-coach network comprised of community parents whose own children successfully entered college.
  • CAMBA’s BIVO (Brownsville In Violence Out) program takes the national Cure Violence program a step further by using community members in its outreach materials, making the message local and personal and impactful.
CAMBA Listens

Our caring staff is committed to serving people of every race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation and identity. We listen to neighborhood residents and then we respond: we tailor services or develop new programs based on what we hear. Listening to clients and communities is what separates CAMBA from other organizations and drives us to continually find solutions with creative programming that make a real difference.

Our work evolves to keep up with changing needs. Together, with public and private support, we are building an inclusive New York City where all people can attain—and maintain—economic stability, educational fulfillment, and healthy lives to realize their full potential.

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