CAMBA Learning To Work Program Internship Developers

Pictured above, left to right: Cindy Vasquez, Internship Developer, Lower East Side Prep; Emmeline Loubeau, Internship Developer, Brooklyn Bridge Academy High School; Natasha Garcia, Internship Developer, Cascades High School; Elisha Ramos, Former Program Director, Independence High School; Shelley Hampton, Internship Developer, James Baldwin High School; Tiffany Palomeque (front in black), Internship Developer, Franklin K Lane High School; Chayla Walters, Internship Developer, Brownsville Academy High School; Phil Edwards, Internship Developer, Brooklyn Academy High School.

Internship Developers work to pair young people with internship experiences that align with student interests. To prepare our young people adequately for post-secondary realities the internship program is designed to develop work readiness skills (resume building, financial literacy and money management, interview techniques etc. We currently have students working in a variety of businesses including real estate offices, schools, barber shops, restaurants, clothing stores, and pharmacies just to name a few.

Thanks to your continued generosity, programs like CAMBA’s Learning To Work and College Bound help young people turn their interests, skills, and passions into successful futures.