CAMBA Partnership with Brooklyn Diaper Project Reaches Milestone 100,000 Diapers Donated

CAMBA is thrilled to announce that it has surpassed 100,000 diapers donated to clients through its partnership with Brooklyn Diaper Project (BDP).

BDP, a project by The Moore Family Charitable Foundation, is helping to alleviate diaper need among NYC residents, including many clients. To date, CAMBA has received 104,000 diapers through its partnership with BDP, lifting a tremendous burden off families at our Kensington and Flagstone Family Shelters, in our Healthy Families program, and at our Beyond Hunger Food Pantry.

Diapers cost an average of $75 a month, making a lack of diapers an often-invisible need faced by one in two children in the U.S. — and leaving their parents to make heart-wrenching decisions. One such parent who’s currently benefiting from the program told us, “If it came down to it, I would always sleep hungry instead of sending my child to bed with a wet diaper. In those situations I’d always choose the diaper over food.” This is a dilemma no parent should ever be faced with.

Without clean dry diapers, children run the risk of diaper rash, infections and other significant health problems. Since children without diapers can be exposed to more potential health risks, they are often less likely to be accepted to daycare programs, making it even more difficult for parents to work. BDP and CAMBA aim to help eliminate this cycle through their continued partnership.

“Our partnership with Brooklyn Diaper Project has been a lifeline for the mothers we serve,” said Claire Harding-Keefe, CAMBA’s Executive Vice President of Homeless & Family Services. “Receiving these generous donations of diapers over the last four years has enabled our clients — who are on a very limited income — to focus on taking care of their babies instead of the stress of affording basic necessities.”

“We are deeply grateful to contribute to CAMBA’s significant impact by providing diapers to the Brooklyn families they serve,” said Wendy Moore, Executive Director of Brooklyn Diaper Project. “We recognize that, despite our efforts, diaper need only continues to grow. In addition to efficiently distributing pallets of diapers, we are committed to changing the conversation by building new, creative solutions to solve diaper need once and for all.”

By lifting that burden, Brooklyn Diaper Project has tremendously helped these women as they navigate motherhood and create a happy, healthy life for their families.

As we continue our partnership in 2024, we remain dedicated to providing as many children as possible with clean diapers.