Compliance Specialist, Human Resources

Full Time

Who We Are: CAMBA is a community of staff, volunteers, clients, donors, neighbors and partners who work together to build an inclusive New York City, where all children and adults have access to the resources and supports they need to thrive.  We take a comprehensive approach by offering more than 160 integrated programs in:  Education & Youth Development, Family Support, Job Training & Employment Support Services, Health, Housing, and Legal Services. We reach more than 65,000 individuals and families each year at our 90 locations, including 10,000 youth.  CAMBA serves a diverse cross section of New Yorkers from new mothers in Brownsville to job seekers in the Rockaways. More than half of our clients are immigrants and refugees from around the globe. Over 85% of our families are in living in poverty, reflecting the challenges faced by nearly 1.7 million New Yorkers today.

CAMBA’s Human Resources (HR) Department manages all aspects of human resources and administrative functions such as employee benefits, compensation, recruitment, interviewing, hiring new staff in accordance with all regulatory policies and requirements, and performance measurement/appraisal. The Human Resources Department’s goals are to enhance employee morale and productivity, limit job turnover, effectively use employee skills/knowledge/abilities, provide training and development opportunities to improve those skills, and increase employees’ job satisfaction. CAMBA’s Compliance Department works in partnership with senior management and/or supervisory program staff. The goal of this collaboration is to ensure that contract requirements/policies are understood and that compliance is achieved and maintained agency wide. Together they conduct internal program and sub-contractor audits, as well as train and advise staff on how to administer quality improvement measures.

Position: Compliance Specialist

Reports To: Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Location: 1720 Church Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11226

What The Compliance Specialist Does:

  • Assist with program evaluation of CAMBA programs and subcontractors to ensure regulatory and programmatic compliance.
  • Assist in the preparation of draft evaluation reports.
  • Assist in the management and investigation of client program complaints.
  • Communicate with peers in other CAMBA programs on issues related to compliance.
  • Understand all aspects of contract requirements and communicate this understanding to CAMBA staff.
  • Overcome resistance to change from programs and supervisors/funders.
  • Train staff in program responsibilities, processes and procedures and ensure that all staff meets contract requirements in their daily work.
  • Conduct periodic internal file review and implement Quality Assurance measures as needed to ensure quality service delivery to clients.
  • Prepare contract reports and statistical information for both CAMBA management and funder use.
  • Complete program forms and reports for the agency’s finance, payroll and human resources departments as required.
  • Assist in the analysis of program and demographic data to make programmatic improvements.
  • Organize onsite and offsite training opportunities for professional development of staff.
  • Assist the Program Manager in providing oversight for all aspects of the program in their absence.
  • Assist in the management and coordination of federal, state and city reasonable accommodation and leave of absence situations.
  • Confer with the Program Manager/Senior Vice-President and/or other CAMBA management staff as needed regarding programmatic and personnel issues.

Minimum Education/ Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent experience.

Other Requirements:

  • Become thoroughly familiar with the organization and its operational policies and procedures.
  • Stay informed of best practices and new approaches related to Compliance/Quality Assurance.
  • Must abide by strict ethical standards.
  • Must maintain integrity, objectivity, and confidentiality at all times.

CAMBA is a City contractor that provides services where employees can be expected to physically interact with members of the public. All CAMBA staff are subject to the City’s October 21, 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, whether they have direct involvement with members of the public, or they support others who have direct involvement.

All new hires must provide proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 virus, unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation for religious or medical reasons. If you are offered employment at CAMBA, this requirement must be met by your date of hire, unless a reasonable accommodation is received and approved by CAMBA.