Registered Dietician, Food and Nutrition Services

Full Time

Who We Are: CAMBA is a community of staff, volunteers, clients, donors, neighbors and partners who work together to build an inclusive New York City, where all children and adults have access to the resources and supports they need to thrive.  We take a comprehensive approach by offering more than 160 integrated programs in:  Education & Youth Development, Family Support, Job Training & Employment Support Services, Health, Housing, and Legal Services. We reach more than 65,000 individuals and families each year at our 90 locations, including 10,000 youth.  CAMBA serves a diverse cross section of New Yorkers from new mothers in Brownsville to job seekers in the Rockaways. More than half of our clients are immigrants and refugees from around the globe. Over 85% of our families are in living in poverty, reflecting the challenges faced by nearly 1.7 million New Yorkers today.

CAMBA’s Food and Nutrition Services contract provides food services that include Congregate Meals, Food Pantry Bags, Food Vouchers and nutritional services to 300 HIV positive individuals and their minor children who are residents of NYC and who meet the financial eligibility for the program.   All enrolled clients will meet with our Registered Dieticians for an assessment and the completion of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan to address their food and/or nutrition needs.  Clients identified as having special nutritional needs will receive appropriate services including Individual Nutritional Counseling and Group Nutritional Education. Through counseling and group education, clients will learn about meeting their own, unique nutritional needs and ensuring proper nutrition and diet while managing co-morbid conditions and treatment adherence.  In counseling sessions, clients will set nutritional goals and make specific plans to achieve them.  For clients whose physicians have made referrals for nutritional supplements, the appropriate supplements will be distributed in conjunction with counseling sessions. The program staff will ensure that clients are connected and remain in HIV Primary Care in order to continue receiving services under this contract.

Position: Registered Dietician

Reports To: Program Manager   

Location: 19 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, NY 11225           

What The Registered Dietician Does:

  • Maintain professional relationships with clients and client confidentiality.
  • Practice universal precautions.
  • Persuade referred clients to schedule initial appointment.
  • Promote access and maintenance in HIV primary care.
  • Review all documentation establishing clients’ eligibility for program.
  • Assist clients in completing all program applications and forms.
  • Create and maintain client files and make file copies.
  • Conduct comprehensive nutritional assessment, treatment plan and reassessments with clients.
  • Consult/coordinate with others both inside and outside of CAMBA (i.e. other providers, primary care provider) to determine causes of client problems and effect solutions.
  • With clients’ and/or client families’ agreement, arrange for medical, psychiatric, educational and other tests and examinations that may disclose causes of client difficulties and indicate remedial measures.
  • Provide expert planning and oversight of food services.
  • Develop/approve nutritional education materials and curricula.
  • Coordinate and manage logistics of congregate meal, pantry and food vouchers.
  • Assist the program cook in preparing healthy meals based on clients’ individual nutritional needs, etc.
  • Assist clients’ and their families’ to alter their attitudes and behaviors that cause or aggravate problems.
  • Assist clients in attaining their goals by identifying and locating community resources for clients and by making referrals to appropriate services both within and outside CAMBA.
  • Follow-up with clients and with referral organizations regarding client contact and progress with referral organization.
  • Lead group counseling sessions to enhance social development and psychological education of individual clients and provide peer support.
  • Monitor clients’ progress toward their goals via regularly scheduled telephone contact and/or face-to-face home and office visits, and document via progress notes.
  • Provide all required information for weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports.
  • Follow-up with clients for a period of time after successful completion of their primary goals to assure client stability.
  • Recommend closing of cases in which clients have: (a) achieved primary goals and have maintained stability for a period of months; or, (b) have not demonstrated a willingness to participate in the process (lost-to-service); or, (c) have become ineligible for services (e.g. moved out of area).
  • Input client data and client progress information into automated database.
  • May, in collaboration with clients, prepare initial service plans, including short-term and long-term client goals.
  • May act as client liaison/client advocate with outside organizations regarding such matters as education, healthcare, housing, legal issues, etc.
  • May reach out and market the program to the community in order to recruit clients.

Minimum Education/Experience Required:

  • Registered Dietician (RD), or a Certified Dietician/Nutritionist (CDN), or Registered Dietician Eligible (RDE) and experience with similar services.

Other Requirements:

  • Must have experience working with People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).
  • Bilingual preferred.
  • Knowledge about, understanding of, and ability to work closely with, persons with HIV/AIDS and related issues.

Compensation: – $64,000 annually-
When salary ranges are listed, the range would represent the low and high end for the applicable position & program. The salary offered would be based on various factors unique to each program and candidate. This includes but is not limited to experience, education, budget and/or program size, internal equity, skills and other factors that may be required for the position and organization.

Status: –Full-time (35 hours per week)
: CAMBA offers a comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, dental insurance, 403(b) retirement plan with employer match, paid time off (vacation, personal, and sick time), and paid holidays.

CAMBA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace. People of color, people with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are encouraged to apply. We consider all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, disability, socio-economic status, marital or veteran status, pregnancy status or sexual orientation.

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