Economic Development


Newly arrived asylee & refugee clients

attained self-sufficiency through employment within 180 days of arriving in the United States in 2019


In sales increase

total from receiving services through Small Business Services in 2019


Aspiring entrepreneurs

received technology & finance counseling through Small Business Services in 2019

CAMBA helps people attain economic stability, which leads to sustainable, vibrant neighborhoods. Our job and career training programs help individuals and families overcome the challenges resulting from poverty so they can create stable, independent futures. CAMBA’s Small Business Services provides support to immigrant, low-income, and minority and women entrepreneurs across New York City.

  • Workforce development programs provided hard and soft job and career training skills to 1,711 clients
  • Placed 687 unemployed people in jobs paying an ave​rage of $16.22 per hour
  • 99% of the small business loans extended to CAMBA’s clients were repaid on-time each month
  • 570 workshops and trainings attended by small business clients, 95% of whom  were minority, women and/or immigrant entrepreneurs.
  • Helped create 21 small businesses, and 45 new jobs through hiring by new and existing clients businesses.
  • 29 businesses completed Mobilize Your Business and Technology Training programs increasing their sales by over half a million dollars.