Economic Development


Average hourly wage

earned by clients connected to employment by Workforce Development in 2021


of Individuals

connected with employment through Workforce Development remained employed for at least 90 days in 2021


of Business owners

who received help from the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Assistance program remained in business in 2021

CAMBA helps people attain economic stability, which leads to sustainable, vibrant neighborhoods. Our job and career training programs help individuals and families overcome the challenges resulting from poverty so they can create stable, independent futures. CAMBA’s Small Business Services provides support to immigrant, low-income, and minority and women entrepreneurs across New York City.

  • Workforce Development placed individuals in jobs paying an ave​rage of $18.06 per hour in 2021
  • 100% of individuals who received technical assistance from COVID-19 Disaster Relief Technical Assistance Program through Small Business Services remained in business in 2021
  • Small Business Services provided workshops and training to 611 individuals in 2021
  • 53 businesses increased their sales by $478,000 following services from Technical Business Assistance and Mobilize Your Business Technology Training in 2021