Family & Community Support


of SafeCare participants

Did not have a child placed in foster care


Referrals provided to clients

Through iCare in 2020


Contacts established

Through BIVO staff in 2020

CAMBA’s Family & Community Support programs help people create and apply solutions to problems that affect their self-sufficiency, health, and success. Our clients struggle to pay rent and other bills, maintain employment, raise children, and cope with emotional and mental health problems. Community and personal violence threaten their safety and security. CAMBA provides helpful, effective programs and delivers them with compassion and hope.

We offer family violence prevention and intervention programs, including a 24/7 victims’ hotline and crisis counseling, along with parenting, pregnancy, and newborn support.

  • Family support workers made 2,231 home visits in 2020 as part of the Healthy Families program.
  • We served 180 families in our Healthy Families Home Visiting Program. 100% of children met developmental milestones on time or were referred for further service and 88% of clients obtained education or employment by their child’s second birthday.
  • 100% of families in foster care prevention programs were not reported to the State Central Registry (SCR) for suspected abuse or neglect

Strong families build strong communities, breaking the cycles of abuse and poor health that hold people back from achieving their goals. CAMBA helps families and community overcome challenges and thrive.