Legal Services


New Yorkers

kept in their homes by the Foreclosure Prevention Unit in 2020


Of debt expunged

For clients by Consumer Law Unit in 2020


Of evictions prevented

By Anti-Eviction Services in 2020

CAMBA Legal Services provides free, high-quality legal representation and advice to New Yorkers facing eviction or foreclosure, people fighting high consumer debt, immigrants and refugees seeking U.S. residency and victims of domestic violence. CAMBA serves more than 4,500 low-income people each year, working to protect their rights and promote access to justice in the civil legal system and beyond. CAMBA’s attorneys also connect clients to our programs and services, meeting their needs beyond legal aid. In 2018, CAMBA:

  • Helped prevent over 700 evictions through Anti-Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention services.
  • Provided counseling and legal services to hundreds of low-income community members who could not have otherwise received legal help.
  • Help to expunge $287,000 worth of debt through the Consumer Law Unit.
  • Helped submit 1,153 applications (including citizenship, VAWA, DACA) for clients through the Domestic violence & Immigration Law Units.