Data2Go Helps Students Graduate On Time

Students make video about high school graduation rates

What makes it so hard for students in central Brooklyn to graduate high school and go on to college? Where some may have pointed to statistics that focus on failing schools and overworked teachers, students know that the picture is much bigger than that.

With the help of Data2Go*, students from CAMBA’s Collegiate Express program answered this question in a creative way.

Using Data2Go, a database that makes city data easily accessible, high school seniors Faina Bell Simon, Elmasalami Siddig, Jean Thomas and Rose Seneus produced a short video that powerfully illustrated the drop-out crisis’s real-life complications that make graduating high school more than just a problem of low grades. Their video ends on a hopeful note as they point to the resources that are helping them get #Outin4Years.

Through this partnership with Data2Go, CAMBA has also been able to more accurately identify the areas of the city where some New Yorkers are most vulnerable to the threat of homelessness.

The information gathered has been a vital resource in CAMBA’s preparation to expand homelessness prevention services to Staten Island neighborhoods that could benefit the most.

Find out more about our Vision and our work to prevent homelessness on our website.

*Data used for this project are available on DATA2GO.NYC, a free, online mapping and visualization tool with 360 indicators on human need and well-being in NYC.