Education & Youth Development

No matter how old you are, education helps you succeed. CAMBA provides a range of programs to serve you and enhance your education. We’ll help you find a summer job or internship, explore colleges or careers, learn English, or earn your high school diploma. We’ll help you start and pursue your education journey.

If you are an immigrant or non-native speaker, we offer English classes and instruction in reading, listening, writing and numeracy skills. We also help adult learners with preparation for high school equivalency exams, adult basic education, computer literacy and civics courses.

For elementary and middle school youth, CAMBA summer camp and after-school programs provide homework help, recreation, enrichment, and learning clubs. If you’re in high school or not currently in school, our programs can help you earn your diploma, prepare for college, or get ready for a career. CAMBA’s young adult support programs also include teen pregnancy prevention and counseling about consent, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence.

Education Center

CAMBA’s Adult Education & Career Center offers day and evening classes to low-income individuals aged 16+ who need to improve their reading, writing, and math skills, as well as immigrants and speakers of other languages who need to develop or enhance their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and numeracy skills in...Learn More

College & Career Prep

CAMBA offers college access and career programs that help students stay on track for high school graduation, prepare for college life, build financial literacy skills, gain meaningful work experience through summer jobs and internships, and explore career opportunities.Learn More

Community Centers

CAMBA’s Community Centers are hubs of activity and support for students and families throughout Brooklyn. Together, these 13 centers provide comprehensive services to over 5,000 children, youth and adults each year. Through health fairs, theater presentations and other community events, we reach a total of 12,300 local residents. Our portfolio...Learn More

After-School and Summer Programs

CAMBA operates eleven after-school and six summer camp programs in New York City, serving almost 2,400 children in elementary and middle schools. The impact of these programs cannot be overstated. Children who attend after-school programs and summer enrichment camps do significantly better in school academically, socially, and emotionally. For working...Learn More

Community Schools

The Community School Model is designed to create partnerships between the school, community resources, stakeholders, and the community at large to provide the entire family with assistance so that it creates a healthy well rounded student. It focuses on strengthening academics, health and mental health while providing a robust level...Learn More

Young Adult Support

CAMBA can help you succeed in school, navigate challenging situations with family and friends, and keep you on the path to high school graduation and future achievements. Our programs include English enrichment, arts and cultural education, literacy classes, child care, and employment assistance. If you’ve fallen behind in earning credits,...Learn More