After-School and Summer Programs

CAMBA operates eleven after-school and six summer camp programs in New York City, serving almost 2,400 children in elementary and middle schools. The impact of these programs cannot be overstated. Children who attend after-school programs and summer enrichment camps do significantly better in school academically, socially, and emotionally. For working parents in low-income communities, after-school programs provide a safe and rewarding place for their children while they are earning a living to support their families.

Programs operate during the school year, in the summer, and on most school holidays. Depending on location, we offer environmental, conservation, arts, violence and drug prevention, and music therapy programs with public and private partners. We also partner with the Fresh Air Fund, conducting registration services for their summer programs.

Elementary After-School Programs

While each program is unique and tailored to the needs of the children and the school where it is located, there is a core set of offerings that is common to all of our after-school programs for elementary school children. This programming includes supper and socialization; homework help; science, technology,... Learn More

Middle School After-School Programs

SONYC (School’s Out NYC) program activities include supper and socialization, homework help, club-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), literacy, creative arts, and sports activities. CAMBA also partners with Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on a Music Therapy program, and the National Book Foundation on the BookUp program. We’re also pleased... Learn More

Summer Camps and Programs

CAMBA’s summer camps provide young people with the opportunity to grow in more ways than academic learning; these camps also provide important socialization for the students. The camps offer a combination of social services, recreational and educational activities. Daily schedules include fun activities, hands-on learning experiences, field trips, and exciting... Learn More

Two categories of summer camp are availabl​e: Friendly Town (home-stays) — kids 6-12 stay with a host family, and General Camp — for girls 8-12 and boys 8-15.  Please check with your after-school program staff.