Career & College Prep

CAMBA has three key goals to reach by 2020, including helping 1,000 low-income young people graduate high school and go to college.  Our target year is intentional; by 2020, 65% of jobs will require a two- or four-year degree, yet only 46% of low-income high school students enroll in college. CAMBA offers college access and career programs that help students stay on track for high school graduation, prepare for college life, build financial literacy skills, gain meaningful work experience through summer jobs and internships, and explore career opportunities.

Learning to Work

CAMBA’s Learning to Work (LTW) program helps to re-engage students who have dropped out or fallen behind in credits to graduate high school. LTW programs are offered at ten transfer high schools and one Young Adult Borough Center (YABC). Transfer high schools are small, full-time high schools designed to motivate... Learn More

The program is designed to promote educational and personal growth through small group instruction focusing on academic skills, and career readiness training. All participating students will be placed in a two-hour stipended internship once a week that relates to his/ her professional interests during their spring semester. Interested students attending the School For Human Rights and the High School For Public Service may call (718) 771-4793 x33152 for information.

This program is funded by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. For further information visit


600 Kingston Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
(718) 771-4763 x 33152

Collegiate Express

Collegiate Express is an innovative dual-generation approach to ensuring low-income students reach and succeed in college. In Flatbush, Brooklyn, where Collegiate Express operates, 33% of young adults are living in poverty, 60% of families are severely rent-burdened, and more than 20% of students at local high schools report that they... Learn More

Leading to College

Leading to College (LtC) is an intensive collaboration between CAMBA, CUNY’s College Now at Brooklyn College, and three high schools located at the Wingate Educational Complex: School for Human Rights, High School for Public Service and Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts. The 4-year program that starts in 9th grade is... Learn More

We connect NYC youth between the ages of 16 and 21 in subsidized minimum-wage jobs, helping them gain valuable work experience and much-needed income.

The program also helps youth develop important professional skills, such as critical thinking, communication, work-place etiquette, financial responsibility and time management. Job placements are in government agencies, private non-profits and for- profits in a range of positions, including camp counselors, clerical, custodial, hospital/recreational aides, and teachers’ aides/library assistants. In addition, youth aged 14-15 have the opportunity to participate in service learning projects which are stipend funded.

In 2018 CAMBA served 1,424 youth who collectively worked 202,200 hours and earned $2,628,600.

Financial literacy workshops are offered to all SYEP participants with 100% course completion. The financial literacy training teaches youth how to effectively save for future goals, and what steps are needed to reach that goal over the summer months. Participants are able to create online accounts to keep track of their saving goals. The project uses text message communication to enroll participants, keep them on track to meet their saving goals, disseminate consumer information on predatory lenders and how to avoid credit card debt, and advice on avoiding pitfalls that will affect credit. The project covers topics such as opening a bank account, writing a check, assessing a credit report, and creating a spending plan. At the end of the project, participants have made a financial portfolio which includes a personal budget, an expenditure sheet, and savings and investment plan that speaks to their future career and life goals.  They are ready to earn, save and responsibly spend.

While the SYEP program provides great benefits and learning for these young people, they in turn, bring energy and inquisitiveness to the workplace. Staff are engaged in the mentoring process, sharing their knowledge and insight into their respective market sectors.

Program participants are randomly selected through a lottery system used by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. Application deadline is typically in March. For further information visit


21 Snyder Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
(718) 462-4244

WLG provides youth, ages 16-21, with the opportunity to participate in employment services and earn wages for a longer period of time.

The program gives youth the opportunity to gain the skills, attitudes, and habits that will help them be successful in their adult careers as well as begin to develop the personal and professional networks that can connect them to jobs. Services include participant assessment, college exploration, career exploration and job shadowing. Work-readiness activities including financial literacy, resume and cover-letter writing, interviewing skills, conflict resolution and workplace behavior are also included in the program.

If you are an active participant in the 2019 Summer Youth Employment Program and would like further information, please call 718-462-4244.


21 Snyder Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
(718) 462-4244