Community Schools

The Community School Model is designed to create partnerships between the school, community resources, stakeholders, and the community at large to provide the entire family with assistance so that it creates a healthy well rounded student. It focuses on strengthening academics, health and mental health while providing a robust level of programming through its extended learning model.

LTW Community School at Brownsville Academy High School

The Community School at Brownsville Academy High School offers the Learning To Work (LTW) program which helps overage/under-credited students earn their high school diploma and leads them toward employment after graduation. Additionally, CAMBA offers college application assistance and overnight college trips. We partner with various consultants to bring additional programming... Learn More

PS 198

CAMBA helps students succeed by working with educational leaders and community members to provide students and families with programs that strengthen academics, address health and mental health issues, and encourage learning and achievement. CAMBA’s Community Schools at ) can help your student succeed. We offer academic enrichment, along with programs... Learn More


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