Family & Community Support

Our Current Program Availability: 

  • Family Support staff provides in-person assistance for the following programs: Safecare Family Services, Families for Kid, our Maternal Infant Health programs, including Healthy Families, iCare and a program supported by the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) is also meeting in person with families. Existing clients should continue to contact their assigned workers. For new families seeking Safecare Family & Families for Kids services, please contact Erica Mitchell at 718- 282-1481 or 718-282-5575
  • Victim Assistance Program: CAMBA’s Victim Assistance Program (VAP) is actively seeking new intakes at this time. For clients who are already enrolled in our program, please contact your case manager/victim advocate or counselor for further assistance.
  • BIVO: For our community based anti-gun violence program, our Brownsville In, Violence Out office (BIVO) remains open and is actively working as part of the City’s Crisis Management System.

CAMBA works with families to create self-sufficiency. We help families that struggle to pay rent and other bills, maintain employment, raise children in safe environments, and cope with often severe emotional and mental health problems. These very real issues create barriers to self-sufficiency.

CAMBA’s Family & Community Support programs start by identifying each family’s strengths and needs. We then help develop solutions to real problems.

Youth and families also fight against domestic and street violence in their communities. CAMBA looks for comprehensive and holistic support for these issues, creating safer communities and stronger families.

Our services include the following:

Family & Neighborhood Safety

As an organization, CAMBA recognizes and works to change unhealthy community norms. In Brownsville, that means ending gun violence and providing young people with real alternatives through our Brownsville In, Violence Out (BIVO) program. CAMBA also works to prevent violence against women which is at epidemic levels in Brooklyn, as it...Learn More

Parenting Support

CAMBA’s Parenting Support Services help families with the skills and resources needed to deal with the challenges of raising children under stressful situations. We provide parents with counseling and assistance to ensure their children are developing in a safe environment. Services include family activities for socialization, assistance with government entitlements,...Learn More

Maternal and Infant Care

CAMBA’s home visiting services target pregnant women, mothers of newborns up to 3 months and families with children ages 0-5 years who need support raising children in a safe and healthy environment, including access to quality health care, jobs, education and social support needed to raise a family. Our current...Learn More