Maternal and Infant Care

CAMBA’s home visiting services target pregnant women, mothers of newborns up to 3 months and families with children ages 0-5 years who need support raising children in a safe and healthy environment, including access to quality health care, jobs, education and social support needed to raise a family.

Our current suite of home visiting programs collectively reaches 500 families each year and focuses on parent-child interaction and bonding, early identification of developmental delays, and connections to primary health care and other critical resources to support children’s development.

Through these services, CAMBA has been able to improve health outcomes and boost pre-kindergarten readiness for families in some of Brooklyn’s poorest neighborhoods.​

Healthy Families Program

The services help parents with the changes that come along with pregnancy and the birth of a child, provide education that helps them understand and support their child’s development, as well as identify financial or emotional stress and other family risk factors that may exist in prenatal and postnatal. CAMBA... Learn More

iCare Program

The iCare program (Initiating Change Around Reproductive Education) works with women before, during, and after pregnancy to educate and empower women regarding health care and reproductive decision-making. In addition to providing educational workshops and support groups, CAMBA Community Health Workers identify individual needs and connect clients to quality health care... Learn More

Moving Mothers Health Forward

Through the support of the United Health Foundation, CAMBA’s Moving Mothers’ Health Forward (MMHF) program seeks to bridge the gap in access to care for underserved, high-risk women through on-site support services in our Brooklyn-based family shelters and NYCHA Developments served by CAMBA’s Cornerstone Community Centers. Services include the Satellite... Learn More