Parenting Support

CAMBA’s Parenting Support Services help families with the skills and resources needed to deal with the challenges of raising children under stressful situations. We provide parents with counseling and assistance to ensure their children are developing in a safe environment.

Services include family activities for socialization, assistance with government entitlements, information and referrals for healthcare, and referrals to treatment programs.  We focus on helping parents overcome barriers that may cause difficulty in caring for their children.

Through these services, we help stabilize families and improve outcomes for parents and children by eliminating or reducing the risk of child abuse and neglect, which otherwise can result in children entering the foster care system. Last year, our foster care prevention programs (Family Solutions and Families for Kids) supported 170 families and 361 children, ensuring family stability with no children placed in foster care while receiving services.

Families for Kids

CAMBA’s Families for Kids program is a foster care prevention program that operates in conjunction with CAMBA’s Beacon Community Center at P.S. 361. The program helps families focus on pragmatic solutions to difficult situations that impact the safety of children. By identifying and targeting specific everyday events in the life... Learn More

Family Solutions

CAMBA Family Solutions (CFS) is a preventive foster care program. The program utilizes the Solution Based Casework (SBC) model which is an evidenced-informed method that prioritizes working in partnership with families. The program focuses on pragmatic solutions to difficult situations and observes, shares, and celebrates change. By identifying and targeting... Learn More