CAMBA’s health programs serve the body and mind, offering services to help New Yorkers manage their healthcare, access emergency food, and keep their communities safe from disease and violence.  In our Health Homes program, the goal is to ensure clients keep up with their health regimen and requirements, and eliminate duplication of services by having clients interact with one centralized care manager.   This ensures better health outcomes for the individual, and reduces Medicaid costs.

CAMBA’s Health division also focuses on health education, transitional and supportive housing and HIV/AIDS prevention. We work in the follo​wing areas:

Case Management/Counseling

CAMBA provides case management and counseling services to individuals struggling with one or more health issues including, but not limited to, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse, and mental illness. ​Through these services CAMBA helps clients gain access to and maintain primary care, manage medications and treatment regimens, build strong...Learn More

HIV/AIDS Prevention

CAMBA provides prevention services for people living with HIV/AIDS and populations at risk of HIV transmission. In Brooklyn, these services are especially critical as the number of new HIV cases continues to increase and remains the highest of all NYC boroughs. CAMBA’s services include evidence-based interventions that target women, a...Learn More

Nutritional Services

*SNAP is now available for online grocery orders. For more information click here* CAMBA’s nutritional services provide food and supportive services to Brooklyn residents who struggle to maintain a healthy diet due to financial restrictions. Through our food pantry, CAMBA distributes food, including fresh produce, to more than 4,000 low-income...Learn More