Nutritional Services

SNAP is now available for online grocery orders. LEARN MORE

CAMBA’s nutritional services provide food and supportive services to Brooklyn residents who struggle to maintain a healthy diet due to financial restrictions.

Through our food pantry, CAMBA distributes food, including fresh produce, to more than 4,000 low-income individuals and families each month and helps register eligible recipients for SNAP benefits.

CAMBA also provides congregate meals, food vouchers and nutritional education to nearly 200 HIV-positive individuals and their families living in our emergency and transitional housing facilities.​​

Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry

If you are in an urgent situation and need emergency food supplies, please call (718) 282-3082 to confirm the hours of operation. You will need to bring a Photo ID for entry to the Pantry. CAMBA’s Pantry operates on a client-choice/supermarket-style system, where clients choose individual food items rather than... Learn More

Nutrition Outreach Education Program

The Nutrition Outreach Education Program provides outreach to individuals/families living in Brooklyn who may be ​​eligible for SNAP benefits. On-site staff assist in filling out applications and provide referrals to other food/nutritional resources. For more information, please contact us at (718) 287-0010 or visit our Community Office. This program is... Learn More