Housing Stability

The struggle to stay in a home or find affordable housing deeply affects a person’s ability to find a job, attend school, maintain good health, and raise children.

CAMBA focuses on several housing challenges in NYC, starting with a highly effective homelessness prevention program including tenant support services, an eviction prevention unit, and a mobile office that identifies buildings and neighborhoods at high risk of homelessness.  We provide case management, job training and job placement, informal and formal mediation, budget counseling and advocacy, including referrals to Public Assistance, legal and other supportive services to help people remain housed and stable, without entering the shelter system.

CAMBA provides safe housing for people already in transition including emergency and shelter housing. For those living with HIV/AIDS, mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders, CAMBA helps with transitional housing and supportive services in preparation for independent living.

CAMBA has also taken on the challenge of safe, affordable housing in NYC with developments built by our nonprofit affiliate CAMBA Housing Ventures (CHV). CHV develops sustainable, award-winning buildings and apartments for eligible individuals and families. We also provide supportive services at affordable housing residences owned and managed by partnering organizations.

The combination of CAMBA’s life-changing support services for residents and CHV’s affordable housing developments equals housing stability, safety, and opportunities to build stronger and brighter futures.

Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness, even for a short time, has a devastating long-term impact on children and adults who can no longer afford to live in their apartments, or are evicted for numerous other reasons. In 2020 CAMBA's Homelessness Prevention programs kept more than 90% of participants from re-entering shelters and in their...Learn More

Emergency Housing

It is a heart-breaking fact that the rate of homelessness has been rising in cities all across America, and New York City is no exception. On any given night, more than 60,000 New Yorkers, including 21,000 children are sleeping in a homeless shelter. In 2020 CAMBA served almost 6,000 individuals...Learn More

Affordable & Supportive Housing

Stable housing is a critical component of a stable life.  CAMBA operates or supports permanent and transitional housing units for individuals and families with special needs. Our housing programs are coupled w​​ith supportive services to ensure that our residents can maintain their stable housing and independent lifestyles. If you or...Learn More