Our Heroes

On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, we have never been more proud of the CAMBA community – from our staff, to our neighbors, and to the companies who have reached out to help during this crisis.

Thank you to staff for stepping up every day to help clients navigate this incredibly challenging time. Thank you for your resiliency after long days adjusting to the new normal. Thank you for doing multiple jobs as colleagues have fallen ill or been quarantined. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Thank you to our neighbors and corporate partners who have donated products, hand stitched masks, or repurposed retail product to make masks.  Thank you for making wonderful meals and delivering groceries to hungry families, and for your generous donations.  Thank you all for leading by example as our community comes together to get through this difficult time.

We’ll be sharing and celebrating your gifts and your tenacity in the following sections, but on a rotating basis as we have such a wealth of stories to share!

On behalf of the clients and communities that are benefiting from your generosity of time, talent and treasure.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.


Joanne M. Oplustil                                Katherine O’Neill
President & CEO                                   Chairwoman

Community Heroes

THANK YOU TO OUR NEIGHBORS AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS. YOUR KINDNESS WILL SEE US THROUGH. CAMBA’s Kings Inn Family Shelter received  donated back-to-school supplies from the  Circle of SiSTAR’s Brunch Inc. and in response to additional needs for the shelter, the group also donated thousands of wipes and hygiene products. As... Learn More

Partner Heroes

THANK YOU TO THE COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS WHO HAVE TRULY SHOWN WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF. From fine linens to the front lines... Thank you west elm for being an extraordinary partner. After designing, donating and installing furniture, rugs, wall hangings and lighting in several of our Community Centers, you... Learn More

Staff Heroes

Week after week we hear of another staff member going above and beyond for our clients. We know it is not easy, and sometimes the rewards are not tangible, but the work you are putting in is truly life changing for our clients. Please know that each one of you... Learn More