CAMBA helps New Yorkers face a range of challenges. From eviction, HIV/AIDS, or parenting problems to legal issues, gang violence, or unemployment. It’s OK to ask for help—CAMBA is here for you.

Our Programs

CAMBA’s programs and initiatives complement each other and help put New Yorkers on a path to success. Our comprehensive, city-wide programs provide assistance in: housing stability, education & youth development, family & community support, health, economic development, and legal services. CAMBA helps the community overcome challenges and improve their life with programs that provide guidance, resources, and support. Call today to learn how CAMBA’s transformative services can help you achieve your goals at home and in your community.

Housing Stability

The struggle to stay in a home or find affordable housing deeply affects a person’s ability to find a job, attend school, maintain good health, and raise children. CAMBA focuses on several housing challenges in NYC, starting with a highly effective homelessness prevention program including tenant support services, an eviction...Learn More

Education & Youth Development

No matter how old you are, education helps you succeed. CAMBA provides a range of programs to serve you and enhance your education. We’ll help you find a summer job or internship, explore colleges or careers, learn English, or earn your high school diploma. We’ll help you start and pursue...Learn More

Family & Community Support

CAMBA works with families to create self-sufficiency.  We help families that struggle to pay rent and other bills, maintain employment, raise children in safe environments, and cope with often severe emotional and mental health problems. These very real issues create barriers to self-sufficiency. CAMBA’s Family & Community Support programs start...Learn More


CAMBA's health programs serve the body and mind, offering services to help New Yorkers manage their healthcare, access emergency food, and keep their communities safe from disease and violence.  In our Health Homes program, the goal is to ensure clients keep up with their health regimen and requirements, and eliminate...Learn More

Economic Development

Economic stability is vital for you, your family, and your community. CAMBA can help you whether you’re unemployed, struggling with your bills, or in need of job retraining for a career in the workplace of the future. We know small businesses are the bedrock of communities so we provide training,...Learn More

Legal Services

For more than 20 years, CAMBA Legal Services has provided free, high-quality legal representation and advice to New Yorkers facing eviction or foreclosure, victims of domestic violence, help with citizenship, TPS and DACA matters, as well as consumer issues, including debt collection proceedings, and credit reporting problems. We provide legal...Learn More

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