About CAMBA Housing Ventures (CHV)

CAMBA launched CAMBA Housing Ventures (CHV) in 2005 as a separate nonprofit organization for affordable housing development. CAMBA and CHV envisioned safe, decent and affordable housing for the previously homeless and low-income individuals and families. CAMBA offers 24/7 and on-site supportive services at CHV developments to help residents with their long-term economic and social successes.

CHV is now an award-winning affordable, supportive housing developer that pairs excellent design and sustainable, energy-efficient buildings with CAMBA’s life-changing social services to provide safe, healthy homes for low-income and formerly homeless individuals.

Since 2005, CHV has completed or is in development on 2,062 units of affordable housing, representing over $628 million in public and private investment.

To learn more about CAMBA Housing Ventures (CHV) please visit our website at www.cambahousingventures.org