CAMBA Tech Titans

CAMBA launched the Tech Titans STEM program at all nine of our Cornerstone Community Centers in January 2021. The goal of this digital inclusion program is to foster greater diversity and humanity in the STEM field and empower youth and educators to access and amplify technology as a force for good. Throughout the duration of this program, we have reached over 250 students between the 4th and 8th grade. We have collaborated with numerous STEM related organizations such as MOUSE to provide online STEM education and courses, Brooklyn Boatworks, and KoKo NYC to provide insight to different architecture styles, engineering designs, and the importance of recycling. Together we will empower youth to engage with computer science, creative technology, and hands-on STEM learning to solve real problems and make meaningful changes in our world.

Content Areas

Tech Titans courses will be aligned with national standards such as Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and ISTE standards, ensuring that our students’ learning with CAMBA in their out-of-school time will be integrated seamlessly with their in-school lessons.

With the help of MOUSE, students will learn about javascript, web animation, creating websites, game design, and 3D modeling. We look forward to implementing student designs in CAMBA’s community gardens as they learn to create 3D models of planters and/or irrigation systems.

With the help of organizations Brooklyn Boatworks and KoKo NYC, students will create a 7-foot boat and a 5-foot soapbox car, the latter being entirely created with recycled items. Students are able to sail the boat in the Jamaica Bay under the supervision of a lifeguard. While the soapbox cars can be raced safely on a downhill road.


Exposure to STEM Fields

Tech Titans online courses will be supplemented by a monthly ‘Day In The Life’ Expert series, where we invite STEM professionals of color to lead discussions with our students and answer questions about their lives, jobs, and career path. CAMBA will partner with experts in scientific fields, such as web development, chemical engineering, UX design architecture, nursing and engineering to provide our participants with greater exposure to STEM education.

Our thanks to Verizon for funding this exciting and impactful program.