Case Management & Health Education Service (CHES)

CAMBA’s Case Management and Health Education Services provides community based HIV/AIDS case management and health education services that focus on people living with HIV/AIDS, that have either fallen out of, or, are sporadically engaged in HIV care and treatment.

The program serves people living with HIV/AIDS in NYC; these include both unauthorized immigrants and people whose income makes them ineligible for Medicaid.

This case management model serves as a bridge to help clients learn to navigate the health care and support system and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively self-manage their care.

Health Education efforts focus on improving health outcomes, ultimately leading to viral suppression. Health Education Services are provided in individual counseling and health education groups.

This program is funded by the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute. Federal funding through the Ryan White Act.


19 Winthrop Street
Brooklyn, NY 11225

(718) 462-8654