College Bound

CAMBA College Bound integrates best practices between our college access programs, providing support across all CAMBA programs serving high-school aged students on their journey to college and engaging with our alumni as they work towards college graduation. It employs proven strategies to help students improve attendance and academic performance leading to high school graduation, college enrollment and college graduation. The program supports approximately 500 students across CAMBA’s college access programs, Beacon and Cornerstone Community Centers through both intensive student support and monthly events and resource distribution facilitated by CAMBA College Bound staff.

Strategies include:

  • Academic support
  • SAT preparatory courses
  • College visits
  • Financial education lessons
  • Parent-mentors from the local community, and tutoring.

Eligibility: Any high school student that attends CAMBA’s Beacons, Cornerstones or any of the schools at the Wingate Campus
Clients Served Annually: 500
Referrals Accepted: Yes


1957 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210



(718) 462-2597