Food and Nutrition Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS

CAMBA’s Food and Nutrition Services program provides food services to 300 HIV-positive individuals and their minor children.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessments and treatment plan development to assess food and nutrition needs
  • Comprehensive nutrition reassessments and treatment plan updates every six months to monitor nutrition status
  • Congregate meals (daily)
  • Individual nutritional counseling to set nutrition-related goals and track client progress
  • Linkage to HIV primary care for clients who are not already connected to care,
  • Nutrition education groups to discuss current nutrition topics in relation to HIV/AIDS
  • Pantry bags (weekly) to clients who are able to prepare and store food safely at home
  • Provision of oral liquid nutrition supplementation with physician prescription, in conjunction with nutritional counseling
  • Supplemental food vouchers (monthly) to clients who qualify, based on nutritional need beyond pantry-bag provisions
  • Verification of connection to HIV Primary Care upon intake and every three months during program enrollment

This program is funded by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene through a contract with Public Health Solutions.

Eligibility: HIV-positive NYC residents earning less than $44,000 a year for one individual, and their minor children
Clients Served Annually: 270
Referrals Accepted: Yes


19 Winthrop St
Brooklyn, NY 11225

(718) 462-8654