HealthLink, A Health Home Program

CAMBA’s Health Link, A Health Home Program, is an innovative new model of care management focused on improving health outcomes for individuals with severe mental illness and other complex chronic illnesses through coordinated networks of medical, psychiatric, behavioral health, social service and housing providers. CAMBA’s Health Link Program is a leading care management provider in NYS Department of Health’s Health Home program, created to make health services easily accessible to Medicaid recipients. A personal care coordinator works with clients to:

  • ​Access govern​ment programs, including SNAP (food stamps), public assistance, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security and more
  • Arrange transportation assistance
  • Coordinate care between multiple providers
  • Find programs that provide housing assistance, child and​ family care, legal aid, financial support, employment services, education and training and social and recreational activities
  • Find the best medical care services needed​​

If you, or a family member, needs this support, please call us at (718) 408-5755. Clients must be Medicaid-eligible in NYS, have two chronic health conditions, or either HIV/AIDS or SMI. This program is funded by Medicaid.​

Services are provided at three CAMBA Community Centers in Brooklyn.


2244 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226


(718) 408-5755