Housing Assistance

CAMBA has a strong relationship with New York City’s HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) and its three Brooklyn-based centers and has a deep understanding of HASA’s benefits and housing placement process. Through HASA support, rent and utility costs are covered, we supply 24/7 security and building management for congregate facilities and provide specialized supportive services to HIV+ housing clients. For further information on these programs, please call 718-462-8654

Short-Term Housing Assistance Program: CAMBA’s Short-Term Housing Assistance Program (STHP) provides transitional housing services to homeless, unstably or inadequately housed individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. Housing is provided in the form of a 24-hour congregate residence with capacity for eight clients; 10 two-bedroom apartments in the community, each of which is shared by two clients; and seven transitional community-based apartments for families. The program’s goal is to prepare clients to live independently. Participation in the program is generally limited to one year. This program serves 67 clients annually. This program is funded by HIV Care Services—a division of Public Health Solutions. Referrals are accepted.

Housing Placement Assistance Program: CAMBA’s HOPWA Housing Placement Assistance Program (HPA) provides assistance securing permanent housing to 83 single adults and families living with HIV/AIDS who are homeless or at serious risk of homelessness. Housing units must be located in New York City and comply with federal, state and local housing quality standards. The program provides information and referral services to help eligible persons locate, acquire, finance and maintain permanent housing. Activities include housing search assistance, housing-specific counseling and housing advocacy. The program also helps eligible households secure the necessary financial resources and/or entitlements to maintain stable, permanent housing. This program is funded by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Referrals are accepted.


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