Leading to College

Leading to College (LtC) is an intensive collaboration between CAMBA, CUNY’s College Now at Brooklyn College, and three high schools located at the Wingate Educational Complex: School for Human Rights, High School for Public Service and Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts. The 4-year program that starts in 9th grade is designed to improve student and family awareness about college, help students graduate high school on time, and earn credits that can be applied to their college degree. Students prepare with ‘College Now’ foundation courses—which follow a college-like syllabus, and build reading, writing, and critical reading skills. In 2020, 82% of students passed their college-level courses and earned 66 college credits, worth a total of $20,130.

  • College credit courses are offered in subjects such as sociology, philosophy, classics, theater, health/nutrition, computer science, and math at Brooklyn College.
  • Families participate in evening workshops on college applications and financial aid, special events and our annual “Stepping Up” ceremony and awards dinner held at Brooklyn College.
  • One-day trips to colleges and universities in NYC, Long Island, and upstate New York, as well as overnight trips to Washington, DC/Maryland increase student exposure and confidence in campus life.

Volunteer Opportunities: CAMBA offers a range of customizable volunteer opportunities with the Leading to College program such as financial literacy workshops for youth and adults, as well as mock interviews, college essay writing workshops or career day sessions for youth applying to college or entering the workforce.

Leading to College is supported by the Teagle Foundation, with in-kind support funded through the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development.


  • 600 Kingston Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11203

(718) 771-4865