Online Registration

Online Registration for After School & Summer Camp Programs

Our CAMBA After School and Community Center programs continue to serve youth and families. This summer, our school-based sites will be operating Summer Rising Programs, while our Cornerstone centers will operate Summer Camps. Registration is now open for all 9 Cornerstone Summer Camp locations.

Please watch the following video to learn how to submit your online application form using DiscoverDYCD. We recommend watching the video on your smartphone while you follow along on your laptop/desktop.

Cornerstone Center Summer Camp Locations:

Albany Cornerstone
at Albany Houses Community Center
164 Troy Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213
T: (718) 363-2476

Boulevard Cornerstone
at Boulevard Houses Community Center
726 Stanley Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 272-0050

Brevoort Cornerstone
At Brevoort Houses Community Center
280 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11233
T: (718) 493-3917

Cypress Hills Cornerstone
at Cypress Hills Houses Community Center
475 Fountain Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11208
T: (718) 277-6641

Howard Cornerstone
at Howard Houses Community Center
90 Watkins Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212
T: (718) 495-5079

Penn-Wortman Cornerstone
at Penn-Wortman Cornerstone
895 Pennsylvania Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 649-1371

Pink Houses Cornerstone
at Pink Houses Community Center
2702 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11208
T: (718) 647-4800

Sheepshead Bay/ Nostrand Cornerstone at Sheepshead Bay Houses Community Center
3679 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11229
T: (718) 648-2053

Stuyvesant Gardens I Cornerstone at Stuyvesant Gardens I Houses Community Center
214 Stuyvesant Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
T: (718) 455-3069

All programs are accepting applications at this moment. Register today!