Project ALY

CAMBA’s Project Accept LGBT Youth (Project ALY) promotes acceptance from parents and family members of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth. The program helps family members who are struggling with acceptance understand the detrimental effects that disapproval can have on LGBTQ youth. Family acceptance is a proven strategy for decreasing risk of future health or mental health problems among this highly at-risk group:

  • Acceptance increases self-esteem and self-worth and decreases risk of future health or mental health problems, including HIV infection and substance abuse.
  • Acceptance ‘breaks the silence’ and removes stigma. When parents and family members serve as role models for LGBTQ youth acceptance, they motivate change throughout the community.

Project ALY promotes structural change around acceptance of LGBT youth through:

  • Teen health and wellness workshops for parents, families, and community members
  • Staff development regarding LGBT cultural competency and LGBT youth acceptance for schools and agencies
  • The development and dissemination of role model stories featuring families of LGBT youth
  • Monthly groups for parents/ family members of LGBT youth

To further remove the stigma and motivate change in the community toward acceptance of LGBTQ youth, CAMBA facilitates a social marketing campaign which features positive messaging on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. and printed advertisements on buses and at transportation hubs throughout Brooklyn reaching a viewership of 100,000 people. This program is funded by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene through a contract with Public Health Solutions.

If you are a Brooklyn LGBTQ youth or an ally of a young person looking for assistance with family communication, or a parent, family member or caregiver living in Brooklyn and struggling to accept your LGBTQ youth, please call us at (718) 675-3372. Or visit our Community Office at 1259 Flatbush Avenue.

Resources for Families of LGBT Youth

FOR FAMILIES ​​PFLAG NYC provides services to New York City families, schools, corporations, and the larger community in order t​o increase understanding and acceptance of LGBT people. Services include: Regular support group meetings The TransParents Project, a dedicated group for parents of transgender children The API Project - support and... Learn More

Stories of Acceptance

My Daughter, Tyler Hi, my name is Marie. I’m a happily single mother of two, born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn. My mother was from South Carolina and my father’s parents were from St. Kitts. Now I live in Williamsburg with one of my children, Tyler. I’ve always been into... Learn More

Ways to Support your LGBT Child

Express acceptance if your child comes out as LGBT. Encourage your child to speak openly and honestly​ about who they are. Welcome your LGBT child to participate in all family ac​tivities. Encourage all family members and close friends to respect your LGBT child. Believe your LGBT child can have a... Learn More


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