Small Business Services Workshops

CAMBA’s Small Business Workshops cover a variety of business topics for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. These multi-session workshops are free. Pre-registration is required.

Course Catalog​ue:

  • Business Plan 101: 
    • This course provides an overview  of the major parts of a fully comprehensive business plan including industry analysis, market research, target market and financial projections. Clients that are able, can utilize the tools provided in this course to write their very own business plan.
  • Business Plan Intensive (10-week course):
    •  This course dives into all the parts of a comprehensive business plan providing detailed information and training to participants. Our business plan writing model allows aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to write their detailed plan no matter the industry, product/service. Participants learn how to conduct industry analysis, competitive analysis, market studies, identify their target market, etc. We also provide training on creating two years of financial projections (monthly for year one and quarterly for year 2). Participants also practice their 60 second pitch for potential investors, partners and clients.
  • Small Business Financing:
    • ​Participants learn to manually create major financial statements including Profit and Loss, Balance sheet and Cash Flow statements. They also learn to read and interpret their personal credit report and a 1040 tax form along with a Schedule C. Once participants have learned to manually create their financial statements, we provide training on a free, user friendly accounting system (Waveapps)  which will automatically generate these crucial financial statements (if all income and expenses are tracked!). Finally, participants are placed in the seat of a small business loan underwriter and asked to analyze their own financial statements, in order to determine the loan coverage and loan package they would qualify for, based on what they’ve learned about the process.
  • Point of Sales (MYB):
    • As part of our Mobilize Your Business (MYB) technology training, this course is offered to existing entrepreneurs with at least three months of proven sales. We provide training on the SQUARE Point Of Sales system enabling small business owners to accept credit cards on their mobile device, track inventory and analyze sales reports in order to make strategic business decisions based on actionable data. Participants are provided with ipads to utilize during the course, create their very own SQUARE account and transact in class so they are comfortable with the technology.
  • Mobile Accounting (MYB):
    • Mobile Accounting utilizes a web based program (Waveapps) to encourage entrepreneurs to track their income and expenses. Clients create their very own WAVEAPPS account, record income and expenses based on their sales and in real time, generate financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow). Other reports such as income by customer and expense by vendor are useful to increase income and decrease expenses. Once participants are comfortable using the platform, we begin to analyze their financial statements in order to improve operations based on their sales and expense data.
  • Social Media Marketing (MYB):
    • As we know, social media is changing at a rapid pace making it difficult for entrepreneurs to keep up or to decide which social media platform best fits their business. This course allows entrepreneurs to utilize their sales data to create a targeted social media marketing strategy. We provide insights on demographic information and also psychographic information which are key to identify their market and target them both directly and indirectly.
  • Building Your Business Website (MYB): 
    • ​We have partnered with for this much needed service. They visit our location and provide a workshop to help entrepreneurs begin to build their websites. Follow up one on one training is provided by our technology trainer to ensure the completion of our client’s websites.
  • Branding Your Business (MYB): 
    • This course teaches entrepreneurs to think like their clients when building their brand. We focus on the mission of the entrepreneur, why it is important to their clients, and strategic messaging based on the research they have conducted on their target market.
  • Mobile Marketing For Your Business (MYB)
    • Entrepreneurs learn the importance of transitioning their marketing strategy to the mobile marketing space. The number of consumers that search for products via their mobile device is 74% and rising. This course provides mobile tools and strategies that fit the entrepreneur’s budget while understanding why the shift to mobile marketing is crucial to their success. ​

Eligibility: Adults looking to start or expand a business in NYC
Clients Served Annually: 500 ​
Referrals Accepted: Yes

To register, please contact smallbiz​, or call (718) 226-0436.​

This program is funded by NYS Empire Development Corporation.​