Summer Camps and Programs

CAMBA’s summer camps provide young people with the opportunity to grow in more ways than academic learning; these camps also provide important socialization for the students. The camps offer a combination of social services and recreational and educational activities. Daily schedules include fun activities, hands-on learning experiences, field trips, and exciting specialized activities including dance, crafts, sports, and visual arts, among many others.

All of our Elementary School-Based programs are currently filled to capacity. However, there are still open spots in our Cornerstone Center-Based Summer Camps. Please see their contact information below.

Please click here to learn how to register your child online. 


Elementary School Based: 

CAMBA All-Stars at PS 114
1077 Remsen Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11236
T: (347) 675-8913

CAMBA Creative Kids at PS 139
330 Rugby Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226
T: (718) 693-3825

CAMBA Kids Connection at PS 249
18 Marlborough Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226
T: (347) 581-4662

CAMBA Kids Quest at PS 91 
532 Albany Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203

CAMBA Kids Unite at PS 170
619 72nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209
T: (347) 675-5090

CAMBA Kids Unlimited at PS 92
601 Parkside Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
T: (347) 853-9816


Beacon Community Center Based: 

Beacon 164
at Public School 164 Caesar Rodney School
4211 14th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
T: (718) 854-4100

East New York Beacon 166
at The Van Siclen Community Middle School
800 Van Siclen Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 675-3355

Beacon 361
at P.S. 361 East Flatbush Early Childhood School 1957 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
T: (718) 462-2597

Beacon 271 at The John M. Coleman Campus
1137 Herkimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233
T: (718) 345-5904


Cornerstone Community Center-Based: 

Albany Cornerstone
at Albany Houses Community Center
164 Troy Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213
T: (718) 363-2476

Boulevard Cornerstone
at Boulevard Houses Community Center
726 Stanley Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 272-0050

Brevoort Cornerstone
At Brevoort Houses Community Center
280 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11233
T: (718) 493-3917

Cypress Hills Cornerstone
at Cypress Hills Houses Community Center
475 Fountain Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11208
T: (718) 277-6641

Howard Cornerstone
at Howard Houses Community Center
90 Watkins Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212
T: (718) 495-5079

Penn-Wortman Cornerstone
at Penn-Wortman Cornerstone
895 Pennsylvania Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 649-1371

Pink Houses Cornerstone
at Pink Houses Community Center
2702 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11208
T: (718) 647-4800

Sheepshead Bay/ Nostrand Cornerstone at Sheepshead Bay Houses Community Center
3679 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11229
T: (718) 648-2053

Stuyvesant Gardens I Cornerstone at Stuyvesant Gardens I Houses Community Center
214 Stuyvesant Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
T: (718) 455-3069