Violence Prevention & Intervention Services

Violence Prevention and Intervention Services provides victim survivors and their families with:

  • OVS Compensation claims assistance, advocacy and accompaniment, information and referral assistance
  • Prevention education and awareness workshops on intimate partner violence and sexual assault
  • Dating violence and safety to middle and high schools students • Bystander prevention sexual violence awareness education on college and university campuses
  • 24-hour, 7-days a week sexual assault crisis hotline

Eligibility: Victims of all crime including intimate partner violence & abuse, sexual assault, gun violence and homicide. Must be a Brooklyn resident, involved with or at risk of victimization and violence. We support family members ages 6 and older.
Clients Served Annually: 30
Referrals Accepted: Yes


955 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226

(718) 282-5575 x30338
Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline: (800) 310-2449