Service and Support During the Pandemic

Nutrition Assistant Marilu Cepeda

The work of CAMBA continues for our 65,000 clients we serve annually. Our workers have stepped up to deliver support and assistance by phone, text, email, and in-person at safe social distance throughout the pandemic. Some of our colleagues approach the shutdown as an obstacle they are determined to overcome.

Program Manager Alexis Stevens has watched her staff rally together to make adjustments: “Prior to working remotely, none of my staff, myself included, heard of Zoom,” said Alexis. “However, I can truly say that is a thing of the past. My recreation aide facilitated virtual groups daily through Zoom. Our clients enjoy group games like Never Have I Ever, Name That Tune, and of course Bingo. We have also offered two sets with groups called ‘Create Your Own Face Mask.’

Two of our colleagues, Nutrition Assistant Marilu Cepeda and Program Manager Kathryn Leonard in CAMBA’s Food and Nutrition Program, go above and beyond every week by providing food pantry and food vouchers to HIV-positive individuals. Throughout the year, this dynamic duo provides comprehensive nutrition assessments and treatment plans with updates every six months to monitor clients’ nutrition status, which is so important to their health.

The Recreation Team at the Flagstone Family Shelter in Brooklyn held a graduation ceremony for graduating seniors on June 24th and all graduates received certificates, CAMBA travel bags, and canisters. Staff also gave the parents gifts to congratulate and acknowledge their support of their children’s achievement. The Flagstone Recreation Team and other staff thoughtfully acknowledged such an important moment for these young people, especially when the normal activities surrounding high school graduation had been cancelled, or postponed.