Spotlight on Ayanna Wilson

With a 9 year old boy, a second child on the way and being unemployed, Ayanna Wilson had many concerns on weighing on her mind. Luckily Ayanna had the encouraging words of her husband Charles, who himself had sought help from CAMBA’s Workforce Development finding himself in a similar situation – “Babe, you have to go to CAMBA. They’re the ones who helped me.” For over 25 years, CAMBA’s Workforce Development has been helping Brooklyn residents transform their lives by providing them with critical skills training, career advising and job placement.

So with her husband’s spirited encouragement, Ayanna enrolled in Workforce Development and so was on the fast track to success! She had worked as a teacher for 14 years before moving to the United States from Trinidad and had no knowledge of the current job market or what it to expect from it in an entirely new country. But with the help of a job developer at CAMBA she was able to experience a personalized, unique way of re-configuring her career path. “I experienced firsthand the professionalism and the preparation he received whilst engaging in the CWD program. I was new to the country and I literally did not have any prior knowledge of working in the US.”

Ayanna was able to gain an understanding of the American job market, the interview process and how to effectively search for employment. The attention that she received was unlike any other, the genuine interest and how invested the staff was in Ayanna succeeding truly made her feel important. “I did not feel like a paper on someone’s desk. It was a personal process that was tailored to my educational history and work experience.”

Today Ayanna is an Advocate Counselor in CAMBA’s Learning to Work Program at the Brooklyn Academy High School. Her main focus is working with kids who are over-age, and under credited for graduating.

“The students I interact with daily have faced so many challenges throughout their young lives and I am very happy to be the person that can provide a safe space, a listening ear and a motivation to them. I enjoy working in an environment that though isn’t stress free, has a comrade and a community of support.”

Ayanna hopes that others who are searching for a career change will search for guidance from CAMBA, who will truly lead them onto their road to success as they did for her.   “They provided me with many opportunities for me to grow professionally by preparing me with classes to equip me for the world of work.” Not only was she able to find employment, but she was able to find her passion.  We are honored to have been able to assist Ayanna with her journey to a successful and fulfilling career.