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CAMBA is one of the nation’s premiere purveyors of Shona Sculptures. Proceeds from our bi-annual sale and exhibition of these remarkable stone sculptures from Zimbabwe directly support our programs and services.

Zimbabwe, a southern African country whose name means “the house of stone”, is known for its stone sculptors. Semi-abstract works created by artists of the country’s largest ethnic group can be found in the collections of many of the world’s most discerning art collectors, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Musée Rodin in Paris, the Rockefellers, and Queen Elizabeth II of England. Our bi-annual sale and exhibition features works by many noted and established sculptors, as well as emerging artists.

Visit our 1,500 square-foot gallery on the 4th floor of 19 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, home to one of the most impressive collections in the United States.

Because of the deteriorating political climate in Zimbabwe and the resulting downturn in tourism, there are few other venues for these artists to find a market for their work. CAMBA’s commitment to retaining a Shona gallery allows us to offer these works at reasonable prices and to enable the sculptors to continue their artistic endeavors. You may view and purchase the stone sculptures by appointment, online, and during our sale and exhibition. Forty percent of the purchase price of each sculpture is tax deductible. Proceeds from the sales benefit CAMBA and its programs.

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