Looking to share your time and talents with New Yorkers in need? CAMBA welcomes your volunteer efforts to help us serve individuals, families, and communities in all five boroughs.

Tackle a beautification project at a school, shelter, office, or center that houses a CAMBA project. You can paint, plant, or find other ways to spruce up sites in a rewarding effort appreciated by the community and our clients.

Help low-income or homeless adults build professional and life skills, including resume writing, technology training, or mastering English. Young adults and children are in need of tutoring, chess coaching, and arts and crafts activities at family shelters.

Guests and volunteers alike are often profoundly touched by this transformative experience that brings volunteers out of their comfort zones and into a shared space.

Mentor and tutor high school students, helping them to resolve challenges and explore employment or additional educational opportunities.

Call us at (718) 287-2600 to learn more or propose a volunteer activity that uses your unique skills and talents.