Middle School After-School Programs

SONYC (School’s Out NYC) program activities include supper and socialization, homework help, club-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), literacy, creative arts, and sports activities. CAMBA also partners with Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on a Music Therapy program, and the National Book Foundation on the BookUp program. We’re also pleased to offer SONYC at our family homeless shelter (Flagstone Family Shelter) supported by additional partnership with BRIC Arts, City Science and Global Arts to Go.


Middle School Based:

SONYC at Hudde at JHS
2500 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
T: (347) 461-6648

SONYC at Whitman M.S.
72 Veronica Place
Brooklyn, NY 11226
T: (929) 271-2183

SONYC at Flagstone Family Center
199 Amboy Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212
T: (718) 342-5107


Beacon Community Center Based: 

Beacon 164
at Public School 164 Caesar Rodney School
4211 14th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
T: (718) 854-4100

Beacon 271 at The John M. Coleman Campus
1137 Herkimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233
T: (718) 345-5904

Beacon 361 at P.S. 361 East Flatbush Early Childhood School
1957 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
T: (718) 462-2597

East New York Beacon 166
at The Van Siclen Community Middle School
800 Van Siclen Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 675-3355


Cornerstone Community Center Based:

Albany Cornerstone at Albany Houses Community Center
164 Troy Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213
T: (718) 363-2476

Boulevard Cornerstone at Boulevard Houses Community Center
726 Stanley Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 272-0050

Brevoort Cornerstone at Brevoort Houses Community Center
280 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11233
T: (718) 493-3917

Cypress Hills Cornerstone
at Cypress Hills Houses Community Center
475 Fountain Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11208
T: (718) 277-6641

Howard Cornerstone at Howard Houses Community Center
90 Watkins Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212
T: (718) 495-5079

Penn-Wortman Cornerstone at Penn-Wortman Cornerstone
895 Pennsylvania Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
T: (718) 649-1371

Pink Houses Cornerstone at Pink Houses Community Center
2702 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11208
T: (718) 647-4800

Sheepshead Bay/ Nostrand Cornerstone
at Sheepshead Bay Houses Community Center
3679 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11229
T: (718) 648-2053

Stuyvesant Gardens I Cornerstone
at Stuyvesant Gardens I Houses Community Center
214 Stuyvesant Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
T: (718) 455-3069